My mother wore Pucci. She embodied the look of the time and of all that followed with effortless chic. While the 80s of my childhood were marked by questionable trends like stone washed and shoulder pads, my mother wore Escada suits. Her devotion to quality, remained unimpressed by quantity, and her style was uncorrupted by trends.

My love of all things beautiful started by watching her… As I developed my own style based off my mother’s, I slowly realized that fashion was my art form, love and passion! After an unfulfilling (and surely not fashionable) career stint in the nursing field, I decided to make my passion a career and thus began pursuing yet another degree at 33 years old.

Now 2 years later I am here in Italy wrapping up my degree and pursuing my passion for all things Fashion!

Colin Hotard

Colin Hotard


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