My name is Mackenzie, but most people call me Kenz. I am currently studying Fashion Merchandising and Retail Marketing at Johnson & Wales University. I am a cosmetologist at a salon in Providence Rhode Island. I believe fashion is something created from head to toe; this is why I have taken such an interest in hair styling. Not only is clothing a part of fashion but shoes, accessories, hair, makeup, art, and behavior are all parts of fashion as well. It allows people to express themselves, as it is always changing and evolving.

My interests in the fashion industry include fashion shows and photo shoots. I am currently part of the hair team at the Providence StyleWeek fashion show. I have worked at several photo shoots as well as with different designers. Outside of the fashion industry my other interests include horseback riding and snowboarding.

Some of my favorite foods are gnocchi’s, scallops, and chocolate cake. I love my job because it allows me to be able to be creative. My idyllic career would entail a stylist position in New York.